'Smart Communications for Small Business'

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An investment in VoIP complements any businesses key objectives, chiefly, cost efficiency, flexibility and productivity. VoIP makes it possible to carry telephone calls over a standard computer network, the sort of network that you use for email and browsing the Internet.

Letting your computer network carry your voice calls can make your business more agile!

VoIP systems allow your organisation to operate with greater flexibility. Your telephony should reflect the way you operate your business, not dictate it! This makes VoIP systems a great fit for small businesses who have to make the best use of their time to stay in the game.

With a Simply VoIP system - 

You can integrate voice with other applications like email and receive your voicemails on your smartphone when you’re on the move.

Remote and mobile workers can be provided with the same telephony features and client facing identity as their colleagues in the office.

It's easy to make changes to VoIP systems, like adding a phone, without waiting for visits from engineers. Any open standards compliant IP handset can be used with the system. You’re never reliant on one manufacturer or supplier.

With Simply VoIP as a partner your greatest productivity benefit will be derived from the time you save trying to resolve issues with your telephony providers “helldesk” in Bangalore! You can get on with running your business and leave the telephony to us!