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Is your network VoIP ready?

One of the great advantages of IP Telephony is the fact that you no longer have to pay to install and maintain two networks in your office. Telephones connect to computer network ports and share the port with your PC.

What this means is much less wiring and expense. If you’re looking at a phone system for a Greenfield site VoIP makes a very compelling case for itself. Simply VoIP engineers have extensive IP networking experience and can help you design and build a network ready for VOIP, or indeed, any other IP application.

In an established site VOIP can place demands on the underlying network. Voice calls, relayed across standard office networks, require relatively modern cabling and LAN switches should support “Quality of Service” mechanisms that are able to prioritise voice above, say an email transfer. Email doesn't care if it has to slow down and speed up when the lines busy as long as it gets there, what's more you won't care either if the variance is only a few milliseconds, you won't even notice! Variable transmission speeds with real time voice applications can impede quality however and the users will notice quickly.

If you're not sure whether your offices computer network supports VOIP don’t worry, we can tell you. If upgrades are required to support voice in your network or you need to install a firewall to access internet based VOIP providers we can help there too.