'Smart Communications for Small Business'

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An investment in VoIP complements any businesses key objectives, chiefly, cost efficiency, flexibility and productivity. VoIP makes it possible to carry telephone calls over a standard computer network, the sort of network that you use for email and browsing the Internet.

Letting your computer network carry your voice calls can mean big savings.

You no longer have to maintain a separate network and cabling system for your telephones. This reduces maintenance costs as well as power and cooling requirements. As a consequence, it's also good for your organisations carbon footprint! For many businesses, particularly those developing green field sites, this would make a compelling business case in its own right. This is only the start of the potential savings you could make for your business.

If your business operates a single IP network over multiple sites, calls between them are free. You can also deploy VoIP connections to partner businesses or customers with whom your in regular contact  to save on call costs.

Outbound call costs over Internet SIP trunks offer significant savings over traditional ISDN and analogue lines. Our selected telephony providers offer peak time local and national call rates of just 1 pence per minute - a significant saving on standard BT charges. Mobiles are cheaper too, at 8ppm peak on all major networks, as are international calls.

To enable you to receive these tariffs our partners supply dedicated ADSL and SDSL lines with backups to provide guaranteed call quality and reliability. Your existing business numbers can be easily ported to the service.

If you're interested in finding out how much Simply VoIP can save your business get in touch!