'Smart Communications for Small Business'

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The Simply VoIP SoHo PBX

A complete VoIP telephone system perfectly suited for small and home office applications.

Despite only being about the size of a hardback novel our entry level VoIP telephone system, the Simply VoIP SoHo, really punches above it's weight. Designed for always on reliability with no moving parts and low power requirements the Simply VoIP SoHo is a perfect phone system for small and start up enterprises. The appliance is built around Digiums's Asterisk open source PBX and supports up to 10 handsets and 4 concurrent links to the public telephone system.

The Simply VoIP SoHo PBX appliance is a complete, professional phone system at an amazingly competitive price point and designed to present the absolute minumum of administrative overhead! Perfect for people running a small business with very little time to spare!

VoIP saves you time, money and makes your business more agile!

  • VoIP systems allow your business to operate with greater flexibility. Your telephony should reflect the way you do business, not dictate it! This makes VoIP a great fit for small businesses who have to make the best use of their time to stay in the game.
  • Never miss an important message or opportunity again! Have your voicemails mailed to your smartphone when you're on the move.

  • Provides native access to Internet SIP trunking providers. These connect your Simply VoIP appliance to the outside world and offer significant savings over traditional telephone lines.

  • Your phone number goes with you. SIP VoIP lines are delivered over the Internet and not over a physical line. This means it's easy to move with you when you move premises. Call forwarding is standard on the system and you can even login to change your forwarding settings through a web browser!

  • It's easy to make moves, adds and changes to Simply VoIP PBX systems without expensive and time intensive visits from engineers.

  • Any SIP compliant IP handset can be used with the system. This includes “soft phone” applications which are available, often for free, for multiple platforms, including PC / MAC / Linux /iPhone etc

Intuitive Web Administration and Deployment Wizards mean you'll be up and running in no time. Billing and usage reports are built in as standard.

PBXAdmin CallGroups
SystemAdmin UserSetings

And it's simple to migrate your settings to a more powerful Simply VoIP PBX as your company grows!


** Features Included **

Up to 10 Extensions

Up to 4 PSTN connections

Voicemail to your Inbox

Hot Desking

Group Pickups

Web Bookable Conference Room Facility

Do Not Disturb

Call Forwarding

Call Parking / Retrieval

Music on Hold

Easy Administration and Reporting Functions

** Additional Options **

Analogue Connectivity Card (1-2 ports)

ISDN Connectivity Card (BRI)

3 Year Extended Warranty