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Why Use Open Source?

 I have a simple test that I use in my talks to see if my audience of computer industry professionals is thinking with the old paradigm or the new "How many of you use Linux?" I ask. Depending on the venue, 20-80% of the audience might raise its hands. "How many of you use Google?" Every hand in the room goes up. And the light begins to dawn.” Tim O’Reilly

In a previous life we were involved in the rollout of a VoIP system for a large city firm with offices in 30 countries around the world. The system was based entirely on the VoIP product range of a well-known networking company (think Golden Gate Bridge!) and now handles tens of thousands of calls a day for over 6000 users.

Everything we were told about VoIP was true. It has saved money, it’s proved hugely flexible, the functionality is great and it supports the needs of the business. So why isn’t everyone jumping on board? The answer is accessibility! The project we describe cost over £11 million to complete, a small army of engineers to implement and a team of people to manage its ongoing operation. This clearly isn’t for everyone! 

The job then was to find alternative products that offered similar levels of functionality to the system we’d rolled out, but that could be offered at an accessible price point with minimal maintenance overhead. We found it in the Open Source community. The Simply VoIP PBX is built around a number of mature Open Source platforms including the Asterisk Open Source PBX.

What this means to you are the cost and productivity benefits of an enterprise IP telephony system at a price small and medium businesses can afford.